Buenos Aires San Telmo

Planning a trip to Buenos Aires and wondering where to stay? With the city being so big and there being so much information out there it can be really difficult to chose! Let us help. In short: Palermo and San Telmo are the two neighborhoods you should be looking at. Keep reading for more info on Buenos Aires neighborhoods and to help you plan your trip.

Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

Palermo if you want to be among the higher-end, hip crowd, and also countless bars, restaurants and shops. There are more bars, cafes, and restaurants in Palermo than we could visit in a month, I reckon. There are also lots of green space and a wonderful milonga (a place where people dance tango) called La Viruta, where you can learn to dance tango and even several other styles. We highly recommend staying at Selina Palermo Soho.

If you love third wave coffee shops like we do then you must stay in Palermo. Duca and Cigalo Speciality Coffee are two of our favorites.

San Telmo if you want to be closer to historic sites, walking tours, tango shows, and the like. Similar to Palermo, there are countless options for foodies and non-foodies alike. The cobble-stoned streets are adorable, and it is more centrally located, so you’ll be closer to many of the top sites. Look for accommodations near Mercado Telmo & Plaza Dorrego. (We cannot recommend the hostel where we stayed.)

Sunset in Palermo, Buenos Aires
Avenida Libertadores has a wonderful running trail that’s easily accessible from Palermo.

For a first-timer in Buenos Aires, San Telmo is your better option. Once you’ve done some to tours, seen some sites, and gone to a tango show, move on over to Palermo for a few relaxing days!

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