Guatape Viewpoint

We try to be ecologically responsible travelers. Of course, we are traveling on buses and planes which have tremendous carbon impacts; nonetheless, we carry the items below with us to minimize our carbon footprint while we travel. Listed in order of use:

  1. Metal straw. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve used this already. With the abundance of fresh fruit juice in tropical countries (which we have difficulty turning down), we use a metal straw almost every day. (Please don’t ask about the single-use plastic cups in which the juice is served. You’ll make Michelle cry.)
  2. Reusable water bottle. This is essential, while traveling or not. If you’re concerned that you’ll lose it, you really only need to lose 1 or 2 before you really start paying attention to where you leave it. Need we say more?
  3. Reusable utensils. These are useful, particularly for streetfood, but sometimes restaurants only serve disposable utensils. Carry a set with you. (It doesn’t have to be metal, so long as it’s durable.)
  4. Steripen. We use a Steripen to sterilize tap water in places where it isn’t potable, so we don’t have to buy bottled water.
  5. Tote bag. Truly a reusable bag of any sort will work to reduce plastic bag use. Ideally, it is something multipurpose and that packs light.