From scaling Machu Picchu, to hiking the Colca Canyon, and exploring the deserts of Paracas, there is something in Peru for everyone. The tourist/backpacker trail is very established here with a well-traveled route connecting Lima to Arequipa and then Cusco. We’ve put together city and trekking guides to share our experiences and any additional nuggets of wisdom we picked up along the way!

Where to Start

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Islas Ballestras
1, 2 and 4 Week Itineraries
Colca Canyon Arequipa Peru
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“Peru was touristy but you gotta check it off the list” – Michelle

Travel Guides

Travelers at Machu Picchu
5 Day Machu Picchu Trek
Colca Canyon - Landscape 6
3 Day Colca Canyon Trek
Sacred Valley Peru - Pisac Landscape Pic 2
Sacred Valley Self Guided
Paracas Colorful Sunset
Arequipa Plaza de Armas
Huaraz Peru Travel Guide Laguna 69
Huacachina sand dune tour
Iquitos + Amazon