Santa Rosa de Cabal

Santa Rosa de Cabal is a lively, colorful, festive Colombian town with natural hot springs, lots of yummy restaurants, and cute cafes. If you are planning your trip through Colombia’s coffee region, keep reading for things to do, what to see, where to stay and where to eat in Santa Rosa de Cabal.

Things To Do In Buenavista

If you’re spending any amount of extended time in Colombia, then Buenavista, in the department of Quindío, needs to be on your list. I’m serious. Buenavista is a peaceful and picturesque escape from the frenzy that travel can be. If you’re anything like us, you get to Colombia, thinking you…

48 Hours in Manizales

Most people visit Manizales on their way to Salento or Armenia (where you can catch a bus to Bogota) or to Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados. It is a destination if you are interested in exploring any of the nearby nature reserves or natural parks and is also a nice way to break up a longer drive. Below we’ll share tips learned from time in Manizales. Read along for travel inspiration and to help plan your visit should your travels take you to Manizales.

Cartagena: How to Enjoy It (& How Not To)

We arrived in Cartagena ready to be swooned by a charming coastal colonial town with cobble-stoned streets and colorful walls adorned with cascading flowers. Instead, we spent an unimpressive two days. We really wanted to like it… and we really didn’t. We’re sharing a bit about our experience so you can have an idea of what to expect and decide if it’s for you!