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We love sipping on coffee, and we love Colombia. That’s why we wrote this post for best coffee shops and cafes in Colombia. Between booking hostels and researching treks, catching flights and arguing with taxi drivers, we like to balance the hubbub of traveling by ducking into a cafe for some quiet sips of specialty coffee. Read on to discover our favorite coffee shops and cafes throughout this beautiful country.

Note: We traveled through Colombia for 2 months, and there are still swaths of the country we left undiscovered! Our list reflects places we visited, including some small towns that require you to take 1 or 2 buses to get to.

Our favorite coffee shops in Colombia

Cafe de los Andes in Jardin

Cafe de los Andes sits on the main plaza of Jardin with a view of the cathedral and the surrounding Andean foothills. It is a wonderful place to soak in the rich Colombian experience offered by this small paisa town. From the balcony upstairs, you can take in the hubbub of the town, where everyone knows everyone, and most people seem to spend their hours on the square sipping coffee and looking out.

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Best Colombia Experience Jardin

Rituales in Medellin

Rituales is in the lovely tree-lined neighborhood of Laureles. It’s the perfect place for a pick-me-up, a work session, or a treat! They have our vote for the best coffee we tasted in Colombia and their cortado is the first picture of this post! For a treat, try their chocolate croissants or cool down with their specialty iced coffee with a maracuya (passion fruit) popsicle! You’ll be fueled to keep exploring Medellin.

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Rituales Cold Brew with Popsicle and Affogato
Cool down with a cold brew and maracuya (passon fruit) popsicle at Rituales.

Coffee House Terraza in Buenavista

Finding specialty coffee in rural Colombia is rare. Most high quality coffee beans are exported, and locals tend to drink Nescafe or instant coffee. Buenavista is DEEP in Colombia’s eje cafetero (or coffee-growing region), which is why when we found the fellas at Coffee House Terraza were pouring delicious cups of coffee, we were beyond THRILLED. We enjoyed more flat whites, espressos and cortados at Coffee House Terraza than we could count. The beautiful views and warm hospitality of their staff make it hard to leave!

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Wreath Latte Art at La Terraza
Wreath Latte Art at La Terraza in Buenavista, Colombia

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