There are so many cool places to stay in every city. This post covers tips to make the most out of every night and includes our favorite to stay places in each country!

Accommodation Tips

What We Look For

  • To find accommodations, we look at hostelword,, and AirBnB.
  • As a couple traveling, we prefer to stay in private rooms in hostels. This provides us access to plenty of other traveler and group activities while also giving us our own private space. The price of getting a private room is usually about $1-5USD per night more than booking two separate beds in a group room and has been worth the additional money!
  • When searching on hostelworld or, we look through the photos at the common/shared spaces. We preferred hostels with great shared spaces that people want to hang out in, as this is often the best place to meet other travelers and is where we will be spending more of our time!
  • It’s cheaper to cook (especially for dinner), so we prefer a place that advertises their “nice kitchen.”

Think About Location

  • We’ve fallen for “it’s just a 20 minute walk from the city” speech one to many times. If booking in a hostel outside a city, be sure to factor in the extra cost and time of transportation. A “20 minute walk” is often 30 minutes and even more painful while carrying your backpack. Also look into types and times of transportation to make sure you won’t be stuck at your hostel at a time when you’d rather spend a night exploring a new city.

Think Twice About Festivals

  • This one is a little counter-intuitive. Going to the once-a-year festivals sounds like an incredible idea right?! Well, festivals means higher prices and less options for places to stay. Higher prices is bad for the budget, especially when you don’t have a job. Our recommendation, don’t go seeking out festivals doing your yearlong trip. Just because there’s a kite festival in a city you’ve never heard of before doesn’t mean you have to go to all three days. We’re not saying don’t go to any festivals while traveling. Also, if there’s an awesome festival you know you what to go to, plan ahead. Don’t just plan to show up at 8:30PM and find a place to stay. Book a couple days in advance while prices are more reasonable and there’s more availability.

Think Twice About National Holidays

  • Did you know Colombia has 17 national holidays?! Often national holidays means 3 day weekends. And what do 3 day weekends mean… vacation! And what happens on weekends that an entire country goes on vacation, prices go up. And remember what’s we just said about higher prices… Just be aware and book in advance!

Our Favorite Places


  • Fernweh Photography Hostel in Bogota
    • Awesome hostel owned by a Colombia/German couple with an clean rooms and an incredible common space
    • It is located in the La Candelaria District close to many coffee shops, restaurants, museums, tours and Montserrat.

Other Notes

  • Due to the un-infinite length of our trip, we did not have time to every hostel, hotel and AirBnB in each city that we visited. Because of this our recommendations are based on where we stayed along the way. If you loved it, you’ll see it here!

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